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Shetland Works - Images of Working Life
Alex Boak

Photographic images of individuals at their workplace drawn from the Shetland community, a place where the continuity and respect for tradition, engage with the changes and needs imposed by a fast developing world.
Our price: £20.00

Shetland's Heritage of Sail
Charlie Simpson
In Shetland’s Heritage of Sail Charlie Simpson tells the story of the technology that shaped Shetland’s history. It begins with the first settlers of the islands and proceeds through the Viking era, the Hanseatic traders, the Dutch fisheries, the press-gang, through the haaf fishery in Shetland’s open Norwegian model ‘sixerns’, the rise and fall of the cod smacks and the final years of the sail herring drifters. Seafaring under sail was often a harsh life and demanded strengths, endurance and skills at which Shetlanders excelled – explaining why they were in such demand for whaling voyages and the notorious naval press-gangs.
Our price: £9.99

Shetland's Old Norse Personal Names
Paul Moar
Now reprinted

Situated at 60 degrees north Shetland is often perceived as being little more than the remote northernmost part of the United Kingdom, but it is a historical fact that for centuries Shetland was actually at the geographical and political centre of a large Scandinavian empire which was made up of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Orkney, Faroe and Iceland. The personal names in this book offer a glimpse of that Scandinavian history and give a fascinating insight into those forgotten years.
Our price: £4.99

Shetland's Open Boat Days
Charlie Simpson (Ed.)
Available from Monday 7th August.

Charlie Simpson has brought together true stories from the days of sail and oar, told by those who were there or who had intimate knowledge of the days of which they speak and of the courage, endurance and fortitude of Shetland’s fishermen.

Our price: £13.99

Shetland's Whaling Tradition - from Willafjord to Enderby Land
Laureen Johnson
Until the British whaling industry passed into history in the early 1960's, whaling was often an important source of employment for Shetland men. The early chapters of "Shetland's Whaling Tradition" briefly describe Shetland's involvement in Arctic whaling and whaling around Shetland itself. The main part of the book draws extensively on the knowledge of the last Shetland Whalers, and their memories of their whaling days as young men in the South Atlantic.
Our price: £20.00

Shetlandic Knitting
Marja de Haan, Anne de Haan and Hilly van der Sluis
"This book is for everyone who wants to know more about wool, knitting and Shetland. During our first trip to this Scottish archipelago we were inspired by its nature and its people, but most of all buy the wonderful wool given to us by the small, tough Shetland sheep"

Our price: £22.00

Small Boats of Shetland
Alison Munro

This short book brings the latest research and ideas to all those interested in Shetland’s rich boat heritage. From Norwegian origins to the flowering of a distinctive Shetland model, the story of these small wooden boats and their builders is one of staunch island pragmatism and ingenious practical innovation.

Our price: £12.00

Spirit of the Shetland Pony
Heidi M. Sands
What can you say about the Shetland Pony that hasn’t already been said? Cute, cuddly, playmate, racing pony, companion, the Shetland has it all.

Our price: £4.99

Steamers and Ferries of the Northern Isles
Alistair Deayton
In this book, Alistair Deayton uses his wonderful collection of photographs to tell the story of the ferries and steamers of the Northern Isles, including not only the North Company, but its successors and competitors on the routes between mainland Scotland and the islands, including chartered vessels and wartime Ministry of War Transport ships travelling to Scapa Flow. The book also includes the inter-island ferries in both Orkney and Shetland, not forgetting the services to the remote Foula and Fair Isle.
Our price: £14.99

Terror in The Arctic
Bjarnhild Tulloch
When the Second World War started, Bjarnhild Tulloch was a 5 year old child, trying to make sense of the changes that were happening to her family.

Our price: £9.99