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Mirds o Wirds
Shetland For Wirds
Mirds o Wirds contains a selection of Shetland dialect words and phrases, together with information and photographs designed to entertain as well as explain some of our words.
Our price: £8.99

My Memory is Free
David Strachan
Beginning with an early memory as a four-year-old the author takes us down the years with various tales until the advent of oil. A tragedy at Lerwick’s North Loch; a traumatic event in 1952; memories of a well-loved dog; first experience of Up-Helly-A’; the experience of a Yell nurse in the 1930s; aboot da toon in the late 1950s. He also takes the reader further afield recounting the Australian bridge disaster; a fruitless search in Wisconsin and memories of London’s East End and Dockland.
Our price: £9.99

Naught but Trouble
Compiled and edited by John H. Ballantyne
This work is a collection of letters and other documents about the mercantile activities of the Hay family in Yell and the Yellsound area, in the period between 1755 and 1824. It covers their early years in Shetland, when they became involved in the fishing trade, and before the central location of their business moved to Lerwick in the early 19th century.

Our price: £25.99

Noo Dan
Douglas Smith
This is Douglas Smith's first book, although he has become a familiar writer with many articles published in local journals, mainly relating to the links between Shetland and Norway during the Second World War.

Here Douglas Smith outlines his family story with its ties to Lerwick and writes of growing up and his schooldays in the very different town landscape of the thirties and as a youngster in wartime Shetland when he witnessed the aftermath of a fatal mine blast and German Heinkels attacking a seaplane in the north harbour.

Douglas Smith’s work gave him an unparalleled insight into the changing fortunes of the islands as conditions gradually improved over the years. It also involved him in many of the environmental issues raised by the arrival of the oil industry in the islands in the 1970s.
Our price: £12.99

On the Rocks - A lightkeepers's tale
Lawrence Tulloch
The history and architecture of lighthouses has been well documented. But what of the people who lived and worked on the lights around our coastline?

When Lawrence Tulloch became a lightkeeper aged twenty-eight it gave him and his family job security and a home. In On the Rocks a lightkeeper's tale he looks back at the work and routines involved in keeping lights from Muckle Flugga to Chicken Rock and recounts the ups and downs of living in close proximity with other keepers. Many became friends for life, but great patience had to be exercised with those few who made things a bit difficult. The characters he met and the stories they had to tell bring a vanished era back to life.
Our price: £15.99

Oo an Feddirs
Christie Williamson
A striking collection of over 70 poems which is the result of Christie Williamson's decade long period of reading, writing and performing poetry in both English and Shetlandic. This is the distillation of his best work so far.

This is the first full collection from acclaimed young Shetland poet Christie Williamson. It carries striking imagery and rhythm. A must read.
Our price: £8.99

Ooricks in da Paet Hill
Ann Marie Anderson
Another instalment from Ann Marie Anderson, illustrated by Jenny Duncan of the delightful Ooricks.
Our price: £5.99

Orkney and Shetland Islands
Alan Murphy
Footprint Focus travel guides are specially designed for the needs of today’s travellers. Orkney and Shetland Islands provides you with all the information you need and none of the stuff you don’t.
Our price: £5.99

Orkney and Shetland Weather Words: A Comparative Dictionary
John W Scott
Compiled as part of John Scott’s Masters degree in Orkney and Shetland Studies (2014), this dictionary includes entries from numerous sources from the past 150 years, and draws on his knowledge of over 20 languages for his explanatory notes, observations and etymologies.
Our price: £35.00

Orkney Folk Tales
Tom Muir
The Orkney Isles are a place of mystery and magic, where the past and present meet, ancient standing stones walk and burial mounds are the home of the trows.
Our price: £9.99