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Shetland Bird Report 2015
Shetland Bird Group
A summary of birds recorded in Shetland by the Shetland Bird Club. With many stunning photographs and a wealth of information for any keen visitor!
Our price: £12.00

Shetland Documents 1612-1637
John H. Ballantyne
Shetland Documents 1612-1637 contains documents relating to Shetland from the period following the downfall of Earl Patrick Stewart.

Most of the original documents are in the National Records of Scotland. There are also a number from other record offices, particularly those in Shetland and Orkney, and some are in libraries and private collections. Documents of particular interest are transcribed in full; in other cases an edited summary is provided. The vast majority of the documents in the volume have not been published before.

Our price: £32.00

Shetland Fireside Tales
George Stewart
A century and a twelvemonth after his death, this printing of George Stewart’s Shetland Fireside Tales is the first since 1923, and brings back into public circulation one of the most important books in Shetland’s history.

Our price: £12.99

Shetland Folk-Lore
John Spence
Shetland Folk-Lore was first published in 1889, and this paperback is a facsimile reprint of that edition. It includes an account of the Picts and their Brochs, prehistoric remains from the Stone and Bronze Ages, Folk-lore, Proverbs, Sayings and the Lammas Foy, or fishermens’ feast where many an old tale was told.
Our price: £14.00

Shetland Food and Cooking
Marian Armitage
Shetland Food and Cooking was written to celebrate the wonderful food that is caught, reared and grown in Shetland, which the author passionately believes is the best you will find anywhere.
Our price: £20.00

Shetland From the Sea
Dick Koopmans
Dutch yacht designer Dick Koopmans and his wife Elly have sailed to Shetland regularly since 1982, often direct from their home town of Lelystad in the Netherlands. In their yacht, they have sailed to more than 36 different countries. As a result, Dick has painted more than 200 paintings in oil and watercolour.

Our price: £10.99

Shetland Humour
John J. Graham
A re-printed collection of stories from the late John J. Graham, capturing the humour of Shetlanders that is sure to raise a smile!

This is an appreciation of local humour where the setting, language and characters lend a special flavour to the situation!
Our price: £9.99

Shetland Islands
James A. Pottinger
"Shetland Islands" includes fantastic seascapes and many of Shetland's ferries, ships and fishing boats appear alongside the celebrated Shetland ponies and historic monuments. This collection illustrates the varied and picturesque scenery around Shetland and reveals some of the many changes seen on the island over the last 50 years.
Our price: £14.99

Shetland Ponies Are…
Frances Taylor
Reproductions of the superbly high quality images of Frances Taylor. A book of postcards containing 15 usable cards portraying the native Shetland Pony in a range of moods.
Our price: £6.99

Shetland Rambles
Mairi Hedderwick
Victorian artist John T. Reid’s Art Rambles in the Highlands and Islands first caught Mairi Hedderwick’s attention because of its beautiful engravings, and inspired her to make her own journey, looking at and redrawing the places and views depicted in his book. The result was the bestselling Highland Journey, a richly illustrated account of her trip, interspersed with parts of Reid’s original travelogue and engravings.In Shetland Rambles Mairi follows once more in Reid’s footsteps.

Our price: £14.99