Call of the Running Tide

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The call of the running tide has greatly influenced Louis Johnson, his family and friends and is the common thread throughout this life story spanning almost 90 years from boyhood on an East Yell croft to the present day. Now, back in the house where he was born, Louis is enjoying a happy retirement. He recalls school days in Yell and Lerwick, student life in Aberdeen and his experiences as a teacher. With vivid descriptions and humorous anecdotes, he tells of people and places that have shaped his life. The book concludes with a selection of Louis’ own poems and prose, many relating to people and events in the memoirs.

Louis has touched the lives of many Shetlanders, as a teacher for 34 years in Lerwick, the North Isles and Northmavine and as Methodist lay preacher throughout the isles. He is a member of Yell Writers Group, has contributed to various magazines and had two previous books published, Chapel in the Valley and Wrestlers with the Troubled Sea.

Louis Johnson


176 pages

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