From Honky-Tonks to Helicopters

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Lerwick born author and local historian, Douglas M. Sinclair, is well-known for his detailed and informative writing about Old Lerwick. In this publication however, he proves to be a witty and capable raconteur, relating tales of when he took a break from NHS employment in Aberdeen and became the first Shetlander to work offshore on an oil rig.

When offered the post of rig medic Douglas expected to be based in Shetland but instead found himself in Texas, USA. There he discovered honky-tonks, was involved in a bar room brawl, enjoyed country and western music, gumbo and T-bone steaks, before having the remarkable experience of crossing the Atlantic Ocean on board the rig.

While working in the North Sea oilfields to the north and east of Shetland Douglas found himself dealing with diverse situations, both humorous and tragic. On shore leave in Lerwick he gives a vivid account of visits to the Planets Ballroom, North Star Cinema, and the Lounge. Participation in Up-Helly-A' and a fishing expedition is also included.

From his unique perspective Douglas recounts tales of a time of change and opportunity in Shetland, and has provided a hugely entertaining and enjoyable book, full of easy to read and often amusing anecdotes relating to this interesting chapter of his life.

Douglas M Sinclair


60 pages

210 x 148mm