Into the Southern Ocean

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Like many young Shetlanders, Andrew Halcrow grows up dreaming of the sea. In his 20's, he builds a yacht, and with his brother circumnavigates the world on a five year voyage. However, he had long harboured a harsher challenge. To single-handedly sail around the world non-stop, following the infamous "clipper way". This trip was to be completed only using renewable energy sources and traditional navigation. In 2006, he sets off on the first trip, where the voyage is thwarted by a burst appendix. In 2013, he tries again, only to be caught in a fierce gale off the rugged coast of Patagonia. This remarkable story told in plain seaman's language recounts the two trips made by Andrew Halcrow on his bluewater yacht, the Elsi Arrub. It is a tale of courage and endurance, which ultimately ends in failure. But dares us to follow our dreams.