Shetland Bus Man

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Kaare Iversen was born in Norway in 1918 and on leaving school in 1933 he worked on a pilot boat with his father and went salmon fishing during the summer months. Following his escape from German dominated Norway he met and married a Shetland girl, Christina Slater, in 1944. After he was discharged from the Norwegian Navy in 1946 he returned to the life of a fisherman and made Shetland his home. Kaare Iversen died in Scalloway, Shetland in 2001, leaving behind a family of three surviving daughters, fourteen grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. During the first years of the operation, Kaare and others used the small boats in which they had escaped, to bring weapons, ammunition and radio sets, together with Norwegian people whose lives were in danger, from their native land to Shetland. This little known operation became known as 'The Shetland Bus'. In this book the author delivers a personal and stirring account of these perilous wartime assignments.