Voices From the Past

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Peter Inkster emigrated to Western Canada as a young man, returning to his native Shetland Islands just once, in 1948.  During that journey, he kept a diary of his post-war observations and childhood memories. Peter's stories offer a poignant, often humorous glimpse into humble village life at the end of the nineteenth century.

Generations later, his great-granddaughter, Karen Inkster Vance, stood at a ship's rail as it sailed into Lerwick, eager to retrace Peter's footsteps.  She initially set out to uncover her own family's Shetland past but, in the decades since, her quest has culminated in this Revised and expanded edition of "Voices From The Past".

Both a homecoming memoir and a compelling local history, "Voices From The Past" tells the true stories of ordinary people from a remote Norse Scottish fishing village, This book will leave you with a deep appreciation for the crofters, knitters, fishermen and merchant seamen of North Roe who struggled - and survived - along the edge of the sea.

Karen Inkster Vance


491 pages