Early Congregational Independency in Shetland

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Early Congregational Independency in Shetland seeks to rescue from obscurity a much overlooked aspect of life in early nineteenth century Shetland. The book covers the Congregational witness from its inception until around 1867, when Scottish Congregationalism in general had ceased to be the vibrant body of its youth. The book draws on the labours of the first generation of Congregational preachers and gives a new insight into the Christian lives of Shetlanders during this period. William D. McNaughton … …sometime Archivist for the Congregational Union of Scotland, and presently Archivist for the United Reformed Church Synod of Scotland, has ministered in Kirkcaldy, Fife, for the past twenty-three years, prior to which he held a charge in Helensburgh. Over the past twenty years, Dr. McNaughton has conducted his research into Congregational Independency in Scotland, drawing extensively on the records of the Congregational Union itself, its journals and organs, and the diaries and letters of the preachers themselves, as well as newspaper accounts, census returns and other sources of information. As a result, he has published a number of important regional studies which have brought into sharp focus the individual histories of Congregational churches in different parts of Scotland, from Kintyre in the south to Orkney and Shetland in the north.