Shetland Folk Tales

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Being separate from the Scottish Mainland, the Shetland Isles have a rich and unique tradition of folklore, from selkies to invading giants and Vikings.

This book brings together for the first time many tales of the Isles, including The Boy Who Came From the Ground, and Norway’s First Troll, among many others. This collection is sure to enthral and entertain those from the region and anyone who picks up a copy.

As a child, Lawrence learned many folk tales from his father, who was a tradition bearer whose folklore was collected by the School of Scottish Studies. After first coming to Shetland from France in 2006, Alexa Fitzgibbon spent the best part of the next seven years studying Shetland culture. Lawrence was the first person she met there and it was the beginning of a solid friendship!

Lawrence Tulloch

Illustrated by Alexa Fitzgibbon


208 pages