Alice's Adventirs in Wonderlaand

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“Doon yon wye” said da Cat, waving his richt paa aboot “der a Hat-makker at bides: an ower yon wye” waving da idder paa, “der a Mairch Hare bidin dere. Geng du alang ony on dem at du wants: dey’re bath mad”. “But A’m no wantin ta geng among mad folk,” Alice said “Oh, du canna help dat” said da Cat. “We’re aa mad here. A’m mad. Du’s mad”. “Foo do you ken A’m mad?” said Alice “ Weel du most be,” said da Cat “or du widna come here” This is the first translation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland into Shetland Scots. A type of Scots spoken in Shetland, which has been influenced by the North Germaine language of Norn, which died out in the eighteenth century. As a dialect of Scots, it is closely related to Standard English, but there are many differences in both grammar and vocabulary between the two. This is an amusing and entertaining read, with beautiful illustrations. Lewis Carroll’s classic tale is retold in a unique way. Alice’s Adventirs is ideal for readers both young and old alike