The Foy and other Folk Tales

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Lawrence Tulloch, paperback, 166 pages

A spellbinding collection of folk tales told by one of Shetland’s foremost storytellers. “His stories are a pure slice of Shetland, and will bring joy to readers all over the world, regardless of their age.” Tom Muir, Orkney. Lawrence Tulloch is acclaimed as an international storyteller having participated in events in Sweden, Faroe, Iceland and the USA, as well as many festivals in Ireland and Scotland. They include the Four Swans, Isle of Skye festival, Tales at Martinmas, Woodend Barn, Orkney and numerous appearances at the prestigious Storytelling festival in Edinburgh. He has also recorded three cassette tapes of stories on the Veesik label. Lawrence was born in North Yell, Shetland, into a family that was, for generations, steeped in folklore and tradition. The School of Scottish Studies, for their archives, extensively recorded his father Tom and Lawrence himself has a long record as an amateur broadcaster. He has contributed to many, many, radio programmes both locally and nationally and he has written for magazines and newspapers.