The Holiday Planning Guide to Shetland

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This is an independent guidebook, specifically on Shetland, written by a visitor – for visitors. This book is a well-researched, referenced and illustrated guide, packed full of details on what the islands have to offer. The unique feature is that each site or place of interest has a time value allocated to it. The time value is based on what there is to see, access and travel to the site. The detailed descriptions and time value system allow the visitor to plan what they will do and see and build up their own sightseeing itineraries. This enables the visitor to get the most from their visit to the isles. The book also contains a number of “focus on” sections which provide specific and wider information on key themes and subjects, providing a wider context for the visit. This book will appeal to all those people who get as much fun and enjoyment from reading up on their intended holiday destination and planning their trip as they do from the holiday itself. Robin Holmes works as a training consultant for a financial services organisation He has travelled extensively and has a particular love for Scotland and Scottish islands. He strongly believes that planning and researching your holiday is the key to an enjoyable trip and that great pleasure can be derived from this. This book, his first, fulfils a lifelong ambition to write a travel book.