A Family at War 1914-1918

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The family of Mr & Mrs Charles Brown Stout MPS of the Medical Hall, Lerwick, Shetland Islands.

When war breaks out in Europe a prosperous Edwardian family in Shetland have more choices than many. Margaret Stuart's compilation of her extraordinary family's experience of the First World War is based on copious contemporary articles, letters and photographs. It is the story of eight siblings, each of them in their own way "doing their bit" while remaining at the heart of the social life of the town.

The family of the rather austere-looking Mr Charles Brown Stout, and his wife Margaret (nee Mainland) of the Medical Hall, Lerwick, were born between 1887 and 1901 and their background allowed some freedom to choose how to contribute to the war effort. Young James raced to enlist in the Seaforth Highlanders and was badly wounded, returning with one leg two inches shorter than the other.

The older Stout girls seized the opportunity to broaden their horizons in Shetland, London, France and Germany. Meanwhile, brother Charlie, who took over the family business, was in a reserved occupation, but his wild activities and photographic records bring a new perspective of wartime Lerwick, the town's key part in the war, and the lives of these remarkable young men and women.


Margaret Stuart


205 pages