My Memory is Free

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Beginning with an early memory as a four-year-old the author takes us down the years with various tales until the advent of oil. A tragedy at Lerwick’s North Loch; a traumatic event in 1952; memories of a well-loved dog; first experience of Up-Helly-A’; the experience of a Yell nurse in the 1930s; aboot da toon in the late 1950s. He also takes the reader further afield recounting the Australian bridge disaster; a fruitless search in Wisconsin and memories of London’s East End and Dockland. Born and brought up in Upper Sound, Lerwick, Davy Strachan spent his early working years in the Merchant Navy. Latterly employed as custodian of the Clickimin Broch, but now retired, he is a keen walker, reader and collector of Shetland literature. This is his second published book, his first being the bestselling Shetland book As Time Goes By.