Ultima Thule: Shetland Holidays in the 1930's - Recollections in Pictures

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Shetland between the wars was a very different world, and although it has changed radically, economically and socially, it is surprising how many aspects of the scenery remain timeless. Those who came north for long summers holidays, often from busy cities, found it a haven of tranquillity. It was an opportunity to sample a very different way of life, to study the fauna and flora, meet the people and to store up memories which would last a lifetime. This book of photographs is from the albums of the Robarts family from Haddington, who stayed with the Andersons at Reawick House each summer from 1935 to 1939. This view of Shetland will hopefully conjure up memories among the older generation and give younger readers an idea of how others saw us then.