200 Fair Isle Designs

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A comprehensive guide to 200 beautiful Fair Isle designs. From simple one row “peerie” patterns to complex “OXO” motifs, the 200 knitted samples contained in this book will thrill and inspire the knitter, experienced and beginner alike. Organised by row and stitch count, each of the patterns is accompanied by a large, detailed photograph of the knitted sample, a traditional black-and-white chart for experienced knitters, an easy-to-read colour chart for the swatch and a colour variation, and a suggested all-over repeat. A design selector presents all 200 samples reduced in size and set next to each other, making it easy to choose the perfect pattern for your project. Mary Jane Mucklehouse offers expert tips on choosing colours, helping you decide which to use in your designs. The book also includes information on the essential skills you will need to knit Fair Isle designs, including circular knitting, stranding, correcting mistakes and steeking. Mary Jane Mucklestone is a hand knitting designer known for her inventive Fair Isle and colour work designs, which have been featured in an impressive assortment of books and publications.