Da Windspiel

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Tom Stove, originally from Lerwick in the Shetland Isles, has been playing traditional fiddle since boyhood. Although opportunities to make a living from music in Shetland was fairly limited, Tom's grandfather Gideon Stove (1874-1954) became Shetland's first professional musician and brought up a family of three boys on it. Tom mostly played in local pubs, and worked in the building industry throughout the early years of the oil boom. After moving to Aberdeenshire he developed severe back problems, and gave up the life of a bricklayer to spend 5 years at Aberdeen Music College to gain his qualifications as a Scottish Fiddle Tutor. He loved every minute of his new found profession and composed and published many tunes. He unfortunately developed a form of terminal cancer, and the proceeds of this book will go to the Macmillan Cancer Nurses in recognition of their efforts to make life a bit more bearable for those affected. There is also a CD included in this package, with contributions from many different artists.