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A group of talented Shetland musicians, who are building a reputation for releasing their high octane maelstrom of feverish melodies on audiences throughout the islands, to universal aclaim. Indeed some of Shetland's top traditional musicians have come together to produce an exciting blend of Nordic and Celtic music. Featuring up to six fiddles, guitars, mandolin, bass, bodhran, and drums – and even that well-known Shetland instrument the didgeridoo! Ewen Thomson, Helen Whitham, Lois Nicol, Ross Couper, Stewart Grains (fiddles), Maurice Henderson (fiddle, mandolin, mandola, melodeon), Grant Nicol (guitar, mandolin, mandola), John Clark (bass), Davie Jamieson (drums, percussion, didgeridoo) and Patrick Ross-Smith (bodhran) with Jonathan Ritch (bass). A Shetland fiddle driven line-up, backed by a multi-punch packing rhythm section, their repertoire is drawn from their own Shetland tradition as well as Nordic and Celtic influences. “If you canna dance ta yun you möst be dead” Granny Pund