Wild Shetland Through the Seasons

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A visually stunning book showcasing Shetland's natural history by one of the islands’ most renowned naturalists and photographers.  Thomason’s passion for both the wildlife and the islands exude from every page as his knowledge and beautiful photographs take us on a magical journey through the seasons.

Brydon Thomason


288  pages


“I love Shetland in every season. This book, with its stunning photographs, makes me feel I’m there. A must for people passionate about the islands and about natural history in all its forms.”        Ann Cleeves, author of crime series, Shetland.


“Visually stunning, this thought-provoking book is a fitting homage to Shetland’s wildlife by one of the islands’ most celebrated naturalists and photographers. Thomason shares his deep connection with the natural world that has inspired him all his life, introducing the reader to the iconic species of his homeland and reminding us that it is all our interests that our wildlife is protected, treasured and most of all, enjoyed.”   Kate Humble, broadcaster and author.


“A beautiful, intimate and informative celebration of the natural history of this most magical archipelago. Brydon Thomason is a Shetlander and this book shines with deep knowledge, local lore and wonder, as well as the latest science.“      Patrick Barkham, author of The Butterfly Isles, Islander and con-author, Wild Isles.