Shetland's Whalers Remember

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When Salvesen pulled out of whaling, so ended an era for the men whose living it had been. They scattered far and wide and now, almost 40 years later, many have passed away. At a Whalers’ Reunion in Brae one night Gibbie realised that ex-whalers are becoming a rare breed and so the idea for this book was born. The stories give an insight into the different jobs that made up a whaling expedition and is an historical record of the men and a job that was so important to Shetland’s economy at that time. Antarctic Whaling ceased in 1963 and with it went a way of life for many Shetlanders. Jobs at the whaling were many and varied depending on whether you were on the Island of South Georgia itself or a floating factory ship or a whalecatcher perhaps in the sight of the coast of Antarctica at times. It was a long way to go for work but, for many, it was whaling or emigration and in that respect it was very important to the economy of Shetland. Some men overwintered on South Georgia and made as much money as they could in order to set up a business or perhaps buy a fishing boat or some other project. There were dangers in all aspects of the job and sadly some men never returned but, for most of those who did, whaling holds a special place in their memories.