Small Boats of Shetland

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For over a thousand years Shetlanders used boats like we use cars and vans today. In small, undecked wooden craft, Shetlanders collected peats, moved lambs, went to church and fished for the table and the laird. Like today’s cars, these early boats were imports, made in Norway and brought to Shetland either fully or partly assembled. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries a change of fishing practices initiated a change in boat building. A new style of boat emerged which designed in Shetland and built by Shetlanders in boat sheds or outside on beaches in every part of the archipelago. This short book brings the latest research and ideas to all those interested in Shetland’s rich boat heritage. From Norwegian origins to the flowering of a distinctive Shetland model, the story of these small wooden boats and their builders is one of the staunch island pragmatism and ingenious practical innovation Alison Munro is a writer and researcher based in Sutherland, Scotland