Grave of a Shetland Sailor

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Originally published by Accent Press 2016 as The Body in the Bracken 

The fourth book in the "Cass Lynch" crime series. Cass Lynch has been persuaded to spend Christmas in the Highlands with her friend DI Gavin Macrae, but their romantic walk by the loch is cut short when they find a skeleton among the bracken. Back home in Shetland, Cass hears about Ivor Hughson who left his wife and failed business months ago, and hasn't been heard of since. A near disaster aboard Cass's yacht suggests someone wants to stop her asking questions about his disappearance. Meanwhile, there are eerie reports of sightings of a njuggle, a Shetland water horse which drowns curious passers by. Soon its taking Cass all her wits to stay alive...

Marsali Taylor


390 pages