Death at a Shetland Festival

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Atmospheric and gripping, Death at a Shetland Festival is the latest instalment in the much-loved Shetland mystery series by Marsali Taylor.

Crowds are gathered for a concert at Shetland's renowned folk music festival when there's a shocking discovery - international folk legend Fintan Foley has been stabbed backstage.

Sailing sleuth Cass Lynch and her partner DI Gavin Macrae are in the audience and must untangle a complicated case where nothing is quite what it seems. Cass soon discovers that Foley's smiling stage persona concealed links with Shetland. He's worked here in the 80s, the days when oil brought wealth to the islands.

Has a long-buried secret risen to the surface - and will it make Cass a target for cold-blooded murder?

Marsali Taylor


352 pages