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County Folklore Vol. III Orkney and Shetland Islands
Collected by G.F Black
These examples of printed folklore concerning the Orkney and Shetland Islands were collected by G.F Black and edited by Northcote W.Thomas to form Volume III of the county folklore series published by David Nutt, for the Folklore Society in 1903. It is reprinted here in facsimile.
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Folklore from Whalsay and Shetland
John Stewart
Published here for the first time, John Stewart's folklore collections, from his native island of Whalsay, and from Shetland as a whole, are a valuable contribution to local studies.
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Amy Lightfoot and Laurie Goodlad
Guddick = a riddle

Step back in time and imagine dark winter nights with generations of young and old gathered around the peat fire, telling tales and “laying up guddicks” to challenge and entertain. These guddicks have been passed down through the generations and are preserved and reproduced here. They will evoke memories and along with over 90 original woodcut images offer a compelling and beautiful insight into Shetland’s past.
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Orkney Folk Tales
Tom Muir
The Orkney Isles are a place of mystery and magic, where the past and present meet, ancient standing stones walk and burial mounds are the home of the trows.
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Shetland Folk-Lore
John Spence
Shetland Folk-Lore was first published in 1889, and this paperback is a facsimile reprint of that edition. It includes an account of the Picts and their Brochs, prehistoric remains from the Stone and Bronze Ages, Folk-lore, Proverbs, Sayings and the Lammas Foy, or fishermens’ feast where many an old tale was told.
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Travels in Shetland 1832-52
Edward Charlton

Edward Charlton was a seventeen-year-old medical student when he sailed from Leith to Lerwick in 1832 and had to convince the authorities that the ship was not stricken with cholera. He arrived in time to witness the great storm which ravaged the fishing fleet that summer, and spent three months travelling though the Mainland, Yell and Unst and collecting specimens of birds and rocks. He was so enchanted by Shetland that he returned two years later, this time visiting Foula and also casting his fly on the Mainland lochs. His journals give a vivid picture of Shetland in the 1830s, and the changes he found when he came back for a more hurried visit in 1852.
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Whispers on the Wind
John A.W. Strachan

A miscellany of historical tales, family stories, fiction and poetry. From shipwrecks and the fighting Strachans of Yell to peats and piltocks and childhood reminiscences.
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