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Aald Papa, I'm Dine!
George P.S. Peterson
George P. S. Peterson has been a regular contributor to Shetland Life and The New Shetlander magazines for many years but this is the first time his writing has appeared in book format for over 16 years.

Auld Papa I’m Dine! is a diverse collection which brings together a wide range of George’s work – much of it written in Shetland dialect and previously unpublished. History, short stories, poetry, trowie tales and bedtime stories for children, all feature, and are complemented by the author’s own illustrations.

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Bright Pebbles
Edited by Mary Blance and Laureen Johnson
Bright Pebbles brings together the words, experiences and insights of fifty writers, in poetry and prose, dialect and English. They reflect Shetland as it is now, and as it was in the most recent past: the land, the sea, the seasons, the people, the music and lightsomeness, the ways of making a living. The book is amply illustrated with artwork and photographs. The accompanying CD features a selection of the best poems, in a rich mixture of contrasting Shetland voices, together with songs and music.
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Hairst is Coosed
Rhoda Bulter
Rhoda Bulter is arguably Shetland’s best-known and best-loved poet. First published in the 1960s, Rhoda’s poetry became hugely popular and a rich career blossomed in writing, performing and broadcasting. She breathed life into the Shetland dialect and her literary talent, combined with her personality, passion and knowledge of Shetland gained her respect internationally.

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Oo an Feddirs
Christie Williamson
A striking collection of over 70 poems which is the result of Christie Williamson's decade long period of reading, writing and performing poetry in both English and Shetlandic. This is the distillation of his best work so far.

This is the first full collection from acclaimed young Shetland poet Christie Williamson. It carries striking imagery and rhythm. A must read.
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Sonnets & Secrets
Jessie Nicol

Jessie Nicol was born in Sullom, Shetland, in 1924. She first attended the Bressay school and for a short time the Sullom school before finishing her education at the Lerwick Central Public School. Following an accident in 1994, which impaired her mobility, Jessie was obliged to give up her favourite hobby of painting. She turned to writing short stories and poetry, favouring the sonnet form. Much of her writing has been published in the popular local magazine Shetland Life over the years. This collection pulls most of these short stories and poetry into a single publication which is sure to be popular among readers old and new.
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The Literature of Shetland
Mark Ryan Smith
This book is the first ever history of Shetland's literature. Covering over two centuries of creative work, The Literature of Shetland brings many obscure local authors into the light, and offers new and insightful readings of better-known figures.
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Whispers on the Wind
John A.W. Strachan

A miscellany of historical tales, family stories, fiction and poetry. From shipwrecks and the fighting Strachans of Yell to peats and piltocks and childhood reminiscences.
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