1914 Peace and War

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This book, compiled by Gordon Johnston, catches a flavour of what people in Shetland – and Shetlanders elsewhere in Britain and overseas – were reading in ‘da paper’ in 1914. Two hundred and seventy two pages of content from the newspaper of the year. These extracts paint a picture of the social lives of the inhabitants of the county and the external events that, perhaps more than ever before, began to play a large part in their lives.

Prior to the declaration of war on 4th August, life progressed and went on as it had always done, all reported in the newspaper. The local political scene, sporting events, commercial life, court, rural and island reports as well as the odd report or advert we today might find humorous.

As the year progresses, reporting from the war, the front and the devastating effects the war is having on local and national life are reported. However, life did go on and the social and political issues of the day are continued, added to by detail on war effort locally, including a widespread and curious campaign, led by schools, to purchase cigarettes for the troops.