Almarks: An Anthology of Radical Poetry from Shetland

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The poems in this anthology are radical in different ways. All broadly strike an attitude; some are explicitly political in content, while others are more indirectly observational and personal. Some are radical in style and approach, such as in their use of Shetland dialect. They all ignore or break boundaries, and so are like almarks - the Shetland word for sheep that jump walls or break through fences into common ground. They are thrawn, awkward, headstrong and independent.

 The poets here certainly hope their poems can change people. Through enjoyably deploying their literary skill with lyricism, cogent argument, subtle humour, striking imagery and appropriate formal inventiveness, they hope these poems will raise our consciousness, deepen our solidarity, make us think and question the world around us - and change it for the better.

In these strange and uncertain times, the need for these radical,committed voices is greater than ever.

Edited by Jim Mainland and Mark Ryan Smith


64 pages