Aly Bain & Young Champions

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The album was recorded live during a week long tour by Aly with some of the finest of Scotland's younger generation of musicians and singers, travelling from Arbroath to Glasgow, Strathdon to Thurso and down the west coast to Ballachulish and Oban – to packed houses all the way. Some of the best times were those spent by the Young Champions playing tunes together and with Aly on the coach on the long road north. A new tune was even composed for Hamish the driver! 1. March & Reel: Dr. Donaldson/ The Anvil 2. Slow Air: The Ross Memorial Hospital 3. Clarsach Duet: Buain an Rainich/ Brochan Lom/ The Cockle Gatherers 4. March, Strathspey & Reel: Balkan Hills/ The Duke of Gordon/ The Deil and the Dirk 5. Song: The Pear Tree 6. March, Strathspey & Reel: Mr. Michie/ J.F. Dickie's Delight/ J.F. Dickie's Reel 7. Gaelic song: An Ataireachd Ard 8. March, Strathspey & Reel: Brig. Gen. Ronald Cheape of Tiroran/ Aspen Bank/ Major David Manson 9. Slow Air & Reels: Ardgualich/ High Road to Linton/ Dookin for Apples 10. Cajun Waltz: Heaven's Gate 11. French/Canadian Reel & American Reel: Le Grande Chaine/ Waiting for the Federals 12. March, Strathspey, Reel & Jigs: The Conundrum/ Mrs. Stewart of Grandtully/ The Morning Dew/ The Blarney Pilgrim/ Langstrom's Pony 13. Slow Air: Helen Robertson 14. Song: The Humble Tattie 15. Slow Air: Ballachulish Glen 16. Waltz, March & Reel: Leaving Lismor/ Heights of Dargai/ The Kilt is my Delight 17. Song: A Wee Burr stuck tae ma Apron 18. Midnight on the Water 19. Bonaparte's Retreat 20. Music of Spey 21. The Sixereen 22. The Barrowburn Reel/ Fairy Dance 23. Finale: Margaret's Waltz/ Laird o Drumblair/ Deil among the Tailors