Another Time, Another Place

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These 12 paintings, created during the covid pandemic, and 12 poems inspired by them, form a beautiful conversation between an artist and a poet.

The limitations of all our freedoms during the pandemic came for Crowe immediately after her 2019 retrospective and the survey show of her portraits the previous year; collaborative considerations of the past, all the more poignant as she struggled with serious illness. A real and psychological pause ensued: no exhibition commitments and no demands from her public life allowed her the chance to do something for herself. These twelve paintings represent a return to work in her studio in West Linton, where Crowe has found full expression of her life force and then been generous and imaginative enough to share her work with a poet. Creativity is always a response to something, but also a point of departure, and on the following pages, we become part of the artist's spiritual journey. (Taken from the introduction by Christine Jansen of The Scottish Gallery)

Christine De Luca was born and brought up in Shetland in a fully bilingual environment. She writes in both Shetlandic and English. In 2014 she was invited to become the Edinburgh Makar, an honorary role she held until 2017

Paintings exhibited in 2020 at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

Paintings by Victoria Crowe. Poems by Christine De Luca


77 pages