Being the Supervet: How Animals Saved My Life

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In this moving, insightful and heart-warming follow up to the bestseller Listening to the Animals, world-renowned veterinary surgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick explores what it's like to be The Supervet.

 From uplifting stories of the animals he's treated and the unique "animal people" he has met along the way, to the unbelievable highs and crushing lows of a profession where lives are quite literally at stake, Noel explores what makes us connect with animals so deeply.

We meet Peanut, the world's first cat with two front bionic limbs; Odin, a gorgeous five-year-old Dobermann, who would prove to be one of Noel's most challenging cases - and of course his beloved companions Ricochet, the Maine Coon, and Keira, the scruffy Border Terrier, who are always by his side.

Noel Fitzpatrick


432 pages