Bobby the Birdman

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After his sensational discovery of a pair of snowy owls nesting on the island of Fetlar in 1967, the Shetland representative of the RSPB became a national celebrity overnight. His name was Bobby Tulloch, known to his pals as "Tucker". The son of a crofter in the island of Yell he became, through his own extraordinary talents and a certain amount of good luck, a renowned ornithologist, tour guide, author and wildlife photographer. He was also an accomplished musician and songwriter, a skilled fisherman and a daring (some would say reckless) navigator. He toured the UK giving illustrated talks for the RSPB and frequently appeared on TV and radio. But perhaps his greatest skill was for friendship. When he died in 1996, he was mourned by hundreds of friends throughout his native islands and far beyond. In this book, some of those friends celebrate their many happy memories of his life. After a biographical sketch by Jonathan Wills the stories from the other contributors tumble our - dramatic, insightful and usually very funny. The book is illustrated throughout with evocative pictures from those eventful days and Bobby's wonderful wildlife and landscape photographs.