Da Peesterleeties and da Curse o da Njuggle

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Tammas and Tulya Peesterleetie have three children; the troublesome twins Tivla and Fivla and their elder sister Trippa. After a disastrous bulwand flying lesson with their Da, Tivla and Fivla embark on a life-threatening adventure as they try to put things right. Threatened by the curse of the njuggle, the boys depend on Trippa for help. Trippa leads them to Shetland’s most reputed wizard, Luggie. He claims the curse has never been reversed before. Can Luggie save them? Valerie Watt is a secondary teacher who lives in Lerwick with her husband Alex and son Magnus. Whist she was playing the fiddle one morning, Magnus spotted Tivla and Fivla Peesterleetie peeping out of a cupboard. A friendship grew between the two families from which Valerie’s first book has emerged.