From Böd to Boardroom An historical novel on the life of Arthur Anderson

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Arthur Anderson was a Shetlander who rose from humble beginnings in Lerwick to become a prominent businessman and, as co-founder of the P&O shipping company, a pioneer of transport by steamship. A fictional account of the life of this local entrepreneur and philanthropist who was devoted to his native islands, From Böd to Boardroom also reconstructs life in Lerwick during the 1800s and introduces other well known stories in Shetland’s history. D. Hilda Peterson was born and still lives in Lerwick, Shetland. She was educated at the Lerwick Central Public School and then attended Edinburgh College of Domestic Science. She is married to a local solicitor and has a family of 6 and 14 grandchildren. A regular contributor to the Shetland Life magazine, this is her second published novel, her first was the successful The House of Busta.