Horticulture on the Edge

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As those who live in such areas will testify, growing anything in a northern climate is, at the very least, a real challenge. However, advances in techniques, information, cultivars, and the relative cheapness of poly tunnels, mean many new kinds of plants can now be grown. This book came about after the author had been teaching introductory horticulture for several years; with many notes, and thirty years experience of growing plants. Fully illustrated, the content is wide ranging, practical and full of tips and hints, from the suitability of plants, raising from seed and pricking out, to irrigation, feeding, hydroponics and much more. Born in Scalloway in 1950, the author was brought up in the village. He spent four years at Stirling University where he graduated with an honours degree in biology – and was quite proud of the fact he was Stirling University’s first Shetland student! He then taught chemistry and biology at Scalloway Junior High School for over thirty years before retiring, and finding time to grow plants.