Kay's Marvellous Medicine

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The hilarious, hysterical and hideous new book from Adam Kay, the record-breaking author of Kay's Anatomy.

The olden days were pretty fun if you liked wearing chainmail or chopping people's heads off. But there was one tiny little problem: doctors didn't have the slightest clue how our bodies worked.

Find out why the ancient Egyptians thought the brain was just a load of useless old stuffing, why hairdressers cut off their customers legs, how a doctor saved people's lives using a washing-machine, a can of beans and some old sausages - and many other strange-but-true stories.

Pop a peg on your nose. It's time to  explore the gross and gruesome history of the human body

A ridiculously funny read which will delight, disgust and educate at the same time.

Age 8+

Adam Kay


405 pages