Kindly Folk and Bonny Boats

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This book provides a pictorial appreciation of the boats and fishing communities of Scotland and north-east England from the 1950’s to the present, making use of Gloria Wilson’s unique collection of photographs. From attractive Scottish wooden-hulled craft to recent steel boats, and with many shore scenes including Mallaig herring port, Peterhead harbour reconstruction, fish auctions and fishermen, net-mending and boat building, this book offers a glimpse into a glorious bygone age. It includes information on boat design and construction as well as some rarely seen naval architects’ line plans. This beautiful book considers the work being done to balance fish conservation with profitable fishing, a pressing issue for the fishing industry of the 21st century and for Britain as a whole. Gloria Wilson grew up in the storm battered village of Staithes, on the rugged North Yorkshire coast, and currently lives in the north-east of England.