Like a Mantle the Sea

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In the most northerly group of islands in Britain, separated from the Shetland Mainland by a two mile stretch of water, lies a tiny island called Papa Stour. It was here that Stella Shepherd came with her husband, Dennis, in the 1960s to take up joint posts of missionary and teacher. The events of her eight years there, when first published in 1971, was recieved by enthusiastic reviews in the national and local press. "The hauntingly beautiful story of life on Papa Stour" (Daily Express). "The people, strong and interdependent, spring memorably to life" (Press & Journal). "She writes with such sensitivity" (Glasgow Herald). "The very life and essence of Papa Stour and it's people" (The Shetland Times). Depopulation brought about the closure of the school and the Shepherds regretfully had to leave the island. Today there are about 20 people living on Papa Stour.