Metal Rose, the Different Shall Inherit the Earth

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A modern novel set in the isles. “Well paced and absorbing, with authentic character. “The observations of the natural environment are made with a scientist’s eye but the compassion is that of an artist. Like all the best novelists, Jessie Watt challenges and unsettles yet leaves us with the right to hope. “The novel is firmly rooted in the reality of the Scottish landscape, the cutting edge of scientific thought, yet twists and turns like the most satisfactory of fantasies. A great read!” Alison Tavendale, Writer in Residence, Insch. Jessie Watt was born in Shetland, to a long family lineage of fisherfolk. She obtained a first Degree in Genetics and Biochemistry followed by a Postgraduate Degree in Medical Cytogenetics. Through popular fiction, the author now strives to bring a measure of scientific understanding to the ordinary man in the street. Her first novel Holm Sweet Holm, ISBN: 0 95244130 0 6, achieved a Literary Award from the Shetland Arts Trust.