Microbes and the Fetlar Man: The life of Sir William Watson Cheyne

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The life of Sir William Watson Cheyne spanned the flamboyant era of colonial expansion and some of the most important medical developments of the 19th century. His role in these advances - as an eminent surgeon, an early researcher in medical bacteriology, a staunch ally of Lord Lister, an MP, and an intrepid traveller - has not previously been studied in depth. His extraordinary story emerges from a fascinating mix of family and community memory and detailed archival research. Many rare images - digitised versions of photographs and glass lantern slides from the family home, "Leagarth" on the island of Fetlar - are reproduced in this biography.

Author Jane Coutts managed the Fetlar Interpretive Centre for 15 years, where she produced exhibitions on Cheyne and the island's heritage.


Jane Coutts


546 pages