On the Rocks - A lightkeepers's tale

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Despite the fact that there is no major lighthouse on his native Island of Yell, Shetland, Lawrence Tulloch had an interest in the lighthouse service from an early age. He became a lightkeeper at the age of twenty-eight, his application to join was triggered off by the fact that he and Margaret Henderson were getting married. Now, many years later, they look back on their time in the Service as the best days of their lives. It gave them job security, a home, many new friends and their daughter Elizabeth Anne was born when they were at Muckle Flugga. On the Rocks is the story of those years with the downs as well as ups. Since leaving the service and returning to his native Yell, Lawrence and his wife, Margaret, have run a post office and successful B&B as well as being active in the community. He has been a chairman of Shetland Tourist Board, vice-chairman of the Mid Yell School Board, a member of the community council and in 1980 was the Cullivoe Up-Helly-A' guizer jarl. An occasional broadcaster, tourist guide and writer of a regular column for the local newspaper, Lawrence is best known outside his native isles as a storyteller, performing throughout Britain and around the world. His first book, The Foy, is a collection of folk tales published by The Shetland Times Ltd in 2006.