Prehistoric and Viking Shetland

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What is Shetland’s past and where can it be seen? In Prehistoric and Viking Shetland Noel Fojut takes the interested amateur on an archaeological journey over six thousand years from the earliest prehistoric settlement to Norse times. En route, he shares insights into the key archaeological sites and how archaeological understanding is evolving as new discoveries, excavations and surveys reveal fresh facts which challenge old theories. This new edition has been updated to take account of recent research and current thinking. It includes a series of chronological chapters, a gazetteer of many sites and a selection of area tours, affording both casual visitors and dedicated enthusiasts ample scope for exploring Shetland’s rich archaeological heritage. The author has been visiting Shetland since 1974. His fascination with the islands led him astray from his original interests in historical and physical geography into the study of archaeology, undertaking research into settlement patterns and land-use in Iron Age Shetland. He lives in Edinburgh where his work for Historic Scotland gives him the ideal opportunity to maintain his Shetland connections and to appreciate the significance of Shetland’s archaeology in its wider context.