Ringing Strings

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This collection of 104 tunes should continue to play an important role in passing on our rich musical heritage. The work begun by Dr Tom Anderson in teaching and archiving acted as a catalyst in reviving interest in the traditional music of Shetland. Tom passed away in 1991 at the age of 81, but his legacy remains through Shetland’s vibrant music scene. Today Shetland’s music and musicians enjoy international recognition and our schools are renowned for their success in music tuition. Ringing Strings has been a valuable source of both traditional tunes and compositions of Tom’s for … many musicians over the years. Through republishing the collection [it is] hoped that it will be appreciated by many more fiddlers. So, whether you have a diary full of public performances or you play purely for your own enjoyment, get out your fiddle, rosin your bow and ring those strings. Valerie Watt, Shetland’s Young Heritage, 2004.