Shetland Documents 1580-1611

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This work is a collection of texts and summaries of Shetland documents from the period of the Stewart earls. It comprises deeds relating to sales and mortgage of land, ecclesiastical and commercial documents, court records and many miscellaneous items. The editors have combed public and private collections of papers to locate every significant Shetland document from the period between 1580-1611. A special feature of the work is the large number of items from Court of Session records, virtually un-examined by historians until now. Shetland Documents 1580-1611 contains the names and describes the activities of hundreds of Shetlanders from an eventful period in the islands’ history. It will transform our knowledge of the era. John Ballantyne is a private researcher in Edinburgh. He visits Shetland frequently. Brian Smith is archivist of Shetland Islands Council.

Edited by John Ballantyne & Brian Smith


329 pages