Shetland Fireside Tales

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A century and a twelvemonth after his death, this printing of George Stewart’s Shetland Fireside Tales is the first since 1923, and brings back into public circulation one of the most important books in Shetland’s history. Shetland Fireside Tales, or The Hermit of Trosswickness, published in 1877, was the first major publication to use Shetland dialect. The author led a colourful life as teacher, writer, folklorist, sculptor, painter and wine and spirits merchant, dying in his adopted home of Canada in 1911. His name, along with his brother’s, is spoken daily in the isles, every time someone orders a nip or bottle of Shetland’s favourite rum. This painstakingly re-set and restored edition brings the clarity and crispness of modern print to what is the great classic of Shetland literature. The specially-commissioned introduction by Brian Smith is an illuminating and incisive entry to a work which, after more than 100 years, still fascinates and entertains.