Shetland's Old Norse Personal Names

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Situated at 60 degrees north Shetland is often perceived as being little more than the remote northernmost part of the United Kingdom, but it is a historical fact that for centuries Shetland was actually at the geographical and political centre of a large Scandinavian empire which was made up of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Orkney, Faroe and Iceland. The personal names in this book offer a glimpse of that Scandinavian history and give a fascinating insight into those forgotten years. Paul Moar was born and brought up in Lerwick, Shetland. He attended Sound Primary School before moving on to the Anderson High School and currently works for the Shetland Islands Council. His interest in Shetland’s Scandinavian heritage and connections was kindled following a visit to the Faroe Islands in 1996. Apart from one or two small articles in Shetland Life magazine this is his first publication.