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"Steven Spence is from the island of Unst in Shetland. Unst’s music tradition is the source of many of Shetland’s most popular traditional tunes and names synonymous with Shetland traditional fiddle playing such as Stickle, Gray and Spence. Steven started playing the fiddle as a young boy and continues a family tradition of fiddling. His father, Arthur, teaches fiddle in Unst. Whilst at school Steven had fiddle lessons from the late Dr Tom Anderson and it was during this time at 11, that his talents as a composer began, with his first composition for his mother, which he called “Ruby’s Success”. Steven is not only one of Shetland’s top fiddlers, he also plays guitar, bass and mandolin. At the age of seventeen he recorded his first album “Me and My Shadows”, playing all instruments. Recognition as one of Shetland’s top fiddlers certainly came whilst playing with internationally renowned Shetland folk Band Hom Bru, with whom he played for ten years. It was during his time of playing with Hom Bru that a few keen young fiddlers, now the band Fiddlers’ Bid, used to go to their gigs and were inspired by Steven’s high energy, driving style of playing. When Steven’s fiddle kicked into a set it provided an incredible lift that was infectious through the band and audience. Steven’s energy and rhythmic playing comes across in his compositions and tunes such as Pig’s Reel, Gibby Gray and the Rayburn Reel, all are now popular Shetland session tunes. Uyea Isle is always a favourite with Fiddlers’ Bid audiences. Since his days in Hom Bru, Steven’s fiddle playing isn’t heard so much outside of Unst but his tunes have been recorded on dozens of albums and he has been a winner of no less than eight tune competitions to date. In the Hairst of last year, duo Steven Spence and John Laughland took to the stage in the Baltasound Hall, and raised the roof with their concert set, leaving the rightfully proud local audience joost braaly high. Most of the tunes they played were Steven’s compositions, a number of them great tunes we had never heard before. It was certainly evident from the quality of the tunes played that night and the performance given, this book and CD are long overdue. We hope Steven will continue to perform his compositions on stage and inspire further generations of Shetland fiddlers. An excellent collection of tunes, a source of material to enhance any fiddler’s repertoire." – Fiddlers’ Bid