Tales From Wullver's Hool: The extraordinary long life and prodigious works of Jessie Saxby

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Born in Unst in 1842, Jessie Saxby was Shetland's first professional writer. She wrote on subjects as diverse as the folk-lore of her islands, romantic fiction, Boy's Own adventure stories, and was a prolific poet in English and the Shetland dialect. Widowed at the age of 31, with five young children to raise, she wrote literally "to keep the bairn's pot boiling".

After 25 years living in Edinburgh, and having travelled as far afield as Canada, she retired back to Shetland, to a cottage she had built, "Wullver's Hool",  on a hillside overlooking her childhood home.

This volume tells Jessie's story in 98 short chapters, one for each year of her life.

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