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First published in 1898.

In Tang, J.J.Haldane Burgess deftly weaves comedy, passion and tragedy with compelling social criticism in a depiction of the searing, shifting currents in a small community.

Shetland in the dying days of the nineteenth century is a community dedicated to crofting and fishing. At Norwik, not far from Lerwick, the people are a microcosm of wider Shetland society. The urbane laird, the newly arrived young minister, the unconventional local teacher, and the bluff owner of the shop are cruxes around which the crofting and fishing families circle.

Beautiful young Inga Bolt is the daughter of the local shop-owner; Bob Ertirson is an intense young fisherman who has been captivated by her for years. However, a growing mutual fascination between Inga and the  new minister sends ripples through the small community, which quickly extend to dangerous gossip, jealousy and rivalry.


J. J. Haldane Burgess

Introduction by Brydon Leslie


382 pages