That Far Away Land

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The latest in a set of four albums to date, the fifth and final due in November 2010, from the archive of Thomas Fraser of Burra Isle, Shetland. Amazingly, the Thomas Fraser legacy is one that is still being mined. 'That Far Away Land', released in November 2008, featured a further 25 stunning tracks, unearthed during the previous two years. The story continued with the release by Moon Guitars of the Thomas Fraser Commemorative Guitar and its launch at the Thomas Fraser Memorial Festival, held in Burra Isle each November. In December 2008, Thomas's life was the subject of a major BBC TV documentary 'Shetland Lone Star'. This documentary, along with a full length Festival feature was released on DVD in April 2009. Later in 2009, there are plans for a National Theatre production of the Thomas Fraser story and a fifth and final posthumous CD due for release in November 2010. Includes a 20 page full colour booklet. Track Listing: 1) With This Ring, 2) My China Doll, 3) Mother the Queen of My Heart, 4) Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues, 5) That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine, 6) Irish Hornpipe 7) Mexicali Rose, 8) Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall, 9) Rattlesnakin' Daddy, 10) All for the Love of a Girl, 11) Gamblin Polka Dot Blues, 12) I Want You to Know I Love You, 13) Traditional Reel, 14) The Hobo's Meditation, 15) Someday You'll Call My Name, 16) Winchester Cathedral, 17) Now and Then (A Fool Such as I), 18) I Get the Blues When it Rains, 19) Bucket's Got a Hole in It, 20) Daydream, 21) Traditional Reel, 22) There's no Room in My Heart (For the Blues), 23) With Tears in My Eyes, 24) This Song is Just For You, 25) That Beautiful Land.